Who we are ?


Sujatha Rao, Co-Founder (The Designer)

I firmly believe that learning is a lifelong process and that every human being, given opportunities, can flourish. My role in Chaabee is to ensure that we keep our learners at the heart of our design process. I am hoping to leverage my 20 years of experience in education and organisational building to really create a self-managing, agile, lean organisation where people feel empowered to act in the best interest of our learners – be it in technology, content creation, partnerships or in design! It is about finding the keys to leverage the collective talent that Chaabee has and ensure that our learners benefit from that.


Debleena Majumdar, Co-Founder (The Storyteller)

There are two things I have loved since childhood. Data and Stories. For the first fifteen years of my career, as I led global teams in Investment Banking, Investment Management, Venture Capital and Education, across firms such as Lazard, GE, JP Morgan, Prudential, Gray Matters Capital and Unitus Ventures, I was finding my story. Since the last five years, as Co-Founder Kahaniyah, Contributor ET Prime, and as a published author, I have been living my story, combining my love for numbers and words. At Chaabee, I apply this lens of data-driven storytelling to learning, for our students and for ourselves.


Pushpalatha, Partnerships Head (The Community Builder)

My work has been primarily about engaging with underprivileged children, youth, women, and families and empowering them to bring social change, particularly in the protection of child rights, gender equity and education for all. I have done my Master in Sociology, which has nurtured my conviction that education can bring social change to both individuals and communities at large. At Chaabee, my focus is on ensuring that our community partners, schools and learners get the best possible outcomes in terms of learning and flourishing.


Bhuvana Shiva, Student Support (The learners’ champion)

When students feel truly supported in their learning journey, learning becomes purposeful. My focus at Chaabee is to build that support system. I am passionate about supporting students not just in their learning journey at Chaabee but also to work actively to support learning opportunities beyond school certification and focus on skills, mind sets and critical thinking and reasoning for students. My ten years plus of experience working with children has firmed my belief that personalised learning is the key to successful learning outcomes.

Meet our content story tellers

At Chaabee, our content creators are always thinking of ways to make learning simpler, more engaging and definitely more fun! They come from different walks of life but are all united in their passion to make learning engaging and meaningful for all. Get to know some of them.


Anukriti Parsai

Anukriti Parsai is a Hindi language expert at Chaabee. An engineer by profession, she is a highly motivated professional with rich experience in cross functional content writing. In the last 10 years of working as a content writer and translator, she has worked with top doctors and lawyers, and NGOs in India and UK. She loves to read, and it reflects in her writing. Anukriti is a people person, and she pursues photography and just talking to people as her hobbies.


Bhakti Bhave

She has over seven years of experience in the space of Constitution and Citizenship Education. She focuses on making civics and political science curriculum interesting, practical and most importantly applicable to our lives. Her academic background as a political science graduate coupled with her excellent facilitation skills makes her a wonderful content developer and facilitator. Bhakti has formerly worked as Secretariat Head for the NGO ‘We, The People’. She has been recipient of the Wipro Seeding Programme Fellowship.



Dhruva has been annoying to teachers both as a student and as a colleague for several years now. He's taught primary and senior school students in government, private and an NGO school over the last several years - mostly attempting to teach English, but instead imperfectly learning Tamil himself. He's done an MA in Education from Azim Premji University, and is fascinated by libraries and hopes to find ways of making them relevant and accessible to learners everywhere.


Dr. Sathya Srinivasachari

She is a scientist and a science educator. After more than a decade working in the interdisciplinary area of chemistry and biology, she now focuses on exploring her creativity and passion for educating young minds to appreciate science. She is a Royal Society of Chemistry Teacher Developer and a CK-12 certified educator! Sathya holds a Msc from IIT Chennai and a Phd from the University of Cincinnati.


Harinie Thiagarajan

An engineer by degree, Harinie completed her Teach for India fellowship at a government school in Chennai, Harinie has been working in the education space focusing on how to drive impactful learning among students. She is deeply interested in exploring joyful learning for both learners as well as for herself. She creates engaging content that lets a child explore the world of learning rather than just study. At Chaabee, Harinie has been working on the English curriculum for class 12.


Jayeeta Basu

A dreamer and a wanderer, Jayeeta has had a whirlwind journey in the development sector. Having completed her master’s degree in development her work in the Nilgiris focused on inclusive sanitation and she has been working hard to design a biodegradable disposable sanitary pad made from non-timber forest products. She stays in sultry Puducherry and at Chaabee she has brought her knowledge of home science to the fore by developing the home science curriculum for class 12.


Megha Ramachandra

Megha Ramachandra is an artist from Bangalore, currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Education and Biology from Azim Premji University. She enjoys drawing still life, of nature, people and places, and is drawn most to realism as a style of art. The intersection of art, biology and education is a space that is of interest and area of work. She spends most of her day playing with her pet cat, Nala and gardening. At Chaabee, Megha is creating content that brings out the meaning of grit and resilience through an art.


Manasa Murari

The ideal habitat for Manasa is any place that has only nature sounds as white-noise. Occasionally, she may also be spotted in daydreams of a world minus the effects of climate change. Science researcher by qualification and an educator by profession, she explores science through an artistic lens. At Chaabee, Manasa works as a biology content creator.


Nagamani S. N.

She has done her post-graduation in Kannada from Mysore University and her masters and postgraduate diploma in English from Karnataka Open University. She has a great interest in language teaching, education and feminist studies. A writer and a translator, she has the experience of teaching Kannada from the primary to the graduate level over a period spanning twenty two years.


Nishmita D'Souza

Nishmita D'Souza is a digital artist and education enthusiast. She enjoys exploring how the use of creative visuals can enhance teaching and learning. A strong believer in the power of self-expression, Nishmita discovered the power of art while using it to navigate her thoughts in an effort to make more emotionally intelligent decisions. She is also the founder of Amplifying Voices, an NGO focusing on providing access and learning opportunities to youth from low socio-economic backgrounds.


Pooja Jayaram

Pooja’s work has primarily been in Curriculum Development and Teacher Training. Pooja has worked with government bodies and NGOs on both teacher education as well as curriculum design. Pooja believes that a well-drafted curriculum is the foundation of a good education system and that curriculum should be such that it must help the learner to appreciate the discipline and apply it in their daily life. She brings that same philosophy of content development to Chaabee where she works to deconstruct the class 12 Business Studies curriculum.


Poonam Gobindram

Poonam is an eminent academician with more than 30 years of experience in teaching as well as administration. She has taught, trained and mentored students and teachers across various grades in different parts of India. Presently based out of Bangalore, Poonam runs sessions on English and Hindi Languages, storytelling, culinary arts and content writing. At Chaabee, Poonam’s focus is on creating content for Secondary Hindi. She also runs a food catering business as part of service of seva to society.


Promila Iyer

Promila Iyer is an award-winning teacher and Hindi language scholar. Her work has been focused on developing and teaching hindi creatively and innovatively to scores of students. Her love for the language reflects in her poetry and the stories that she creates. She is also a wonderful guide and mentor to other teachers. Apart from her teaching and content creation, she sings, paints and has even participated in Kaun Banega Crorepati!


Ragini Lalit

Ragini is an aspiring singer and educator and enjoys being around children in learning spaces. After teaching upper middle and secondary grades in a school in Delhi, she completed her MA in Education. Since then, she has been exploring what it means to create critical and relevant learning spaces for children, as a teacher in historically marginalized communities. At Chaabee, Ragini works as a Hindi Language translator.


Ranjana S

She is a gold medalist in M.Com with previous work experience in audit, mental health and educational sectors. She puts together her education, experience and love for Kannada language in her role as a Kannada content consultant. Ranjana is a passionate Bharatanatyam practitioner; founder and artistic director of Kala Dhyaana Institute for Arts. She is also an ardent lover of theatre and music. Ranjana strives to work towards the right representation of Kannada language, mental health awareness and arts education in her personal spirit and capabilities.


Ruchi Ghose

Ruchi has been working in education for several years now and has taken on many different avatars. She has been a primary school teacher, teacher educator, content designer and educational change facilitator to name a few. She has been involved with setting up school systems and building capacity for school leaders. Currently she is pursuing her passion – working to bring socio-emotional learning and wellbeing for teachers into schools.


Sangeetha Senthil

With seven years of teaching experience, Sangeetha strongly believes in interactive, exciting and positive learning for all students. Teaching and content creation is a huge source of motivation for her. Sangeetha has a Masters in Physics and a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications. She has been working and teaching in the area of Computer Applications. For Chaabee, she has been building the Data Entry Operations content for Classes 10 and 12.



After her MBA and PhD in Finance from Delhi University, Usha has worked in research and in infrastructure financing. She has an avid interest in Economics and its teaching. She can best be described as being fond of Indian classical music and spirituality along with being passionate about the outdoors, driving and nature photography.


Vaishnavi Srinivasan

Vaishnavi is a passionate learner, an amateur painter and trek lover. With a Masters degree in Economics, she worked in the corporate sector for some years before shifting to education. She has spent over 10 years in the education sector as a Teach for India Fellow, a teacher volunteer, trainer, programme coordinator and curriculum developer. At Chaabee, Vaishnavi has worked on the Home Science content along with helping to set up processes to support other content creators.

Technology Partner


Our Advisors


Ganesh Prasad, Technology Advisor

Chief Technology Officer at Buy on Platform

Over 25 years' experience in Technology across 3 different countries with expertise in user interface design, identity management, management control systems. Thought leader and author on technology.


Anurag Vaish, Engagement Advisor

Co-Founder Final Mile Consulting

Behaviour Architect with experience of using learning from Behavioural Economics and Cognitive Science to understand, explain and influence human decision making and behaviours.


Sivaram Rajagopalan, Healthcare & Education Advisor

CEO and Principal Consultant, Shiva Consultants

Innovator and network builder, Sivaram uses his experience and passion of working with MNCs, SMEs and Startups particularly in Healthcare and Education to build collaborative partnerships tackling complex social problems.


Deepa Sandiya, People & Engagement Strategy Advisor

Human Resource professional with expertise in people engagement and collaboration strategies. Deepa helps Chaabee ideate and strategise about people engagement and outreach strategies.

Our Purpose

To reimagine the boundaries of schooling and work

by creating personalised learning pathways so that everyone can learn

what they need when they need it.