Pricing and Packages

Chaabee offers simple and effective learning support online to help you learn anytime, anywhere for completing your open schooling certification, through the NIOS.

At Chaabee we have a range of learning support options for everyone. Individual learners, schools, learning centres, community-based organisations and NGOs. Below are the packages we have for you.

For an individual learner

You can either choose to enroll in one subject at a time or choose our complete subject bundle for Grade 10. We also provide options for self-learning as well as live class and doubt clearance access:

Get started with a single subject, one time payment of Rs.1000

You get unlimited access to Chaabee’s digitised and interactive content for the entire subject, practice opportunities, byte sized stories, sample questions and answers and exam preparation material. You also get access to our inhouse interactive content that builds on the 21st century skills of resilience, growth mindset, and brain-stretching exercises.

Get Chaabee Class 10 Subject bundle, one time payment of Rs.4500

You get unlimited access to Chaabee’s learning support for up to six subjects for Grade 10.

For schools, learning centres, community organisations and NGOs

Chaabee provides a range of support for schools, teachers, NGOs and community learning centres. In addition to access to Chaabee’s entire learning support platform, you also get formative data on students’ performance and learning challenges, teacher support on how to teach using Chaabee, teacher resource kits including class management and lesson plans and clarity on how Chaabee helps you align your teaching and learning activities in line with the NEP 2020.

Please contact us for personalised discussions on how Chaabee can partner with you.